DIGIPASS for eID - your Identity in One Card

DIGIPASS for eID - your identity in one card

What is eID?

Your eID is your electronic identity card. The card contains the same data as your former identity card. But eID is a lot more!

What does eID do?

The electronic identity card has two major functions:

  • Authentication: a way to ensure users are who they say they are. eID allows you to (remotely) identify yourself and provides access to all kinds of applications in your company, organisation or municipality.

  • Digital signing: thanks to the certificates on your eID, you can sign electronic documents. This digital signature has the same legal value as a manual signature.

How can I use eID?

To use your eID you need an eID card reader or DIGIPASS. VASCO offers you different types of DIGIPASS eID card readers.

Why a DIGIPASS from VASCO instead of a regular card reader?

  • Already more than 1,300¬†financial institutions worldwide¬†trust VASCO to secure their data. Moreover, DIGIPASS technology offers you a maximum security regarding your information and network.
  • VASCO is the specialist in authentication and e-signatures. As such, you are always sure about your users' identities. And your confidential information remains just that.
  • DIGIPASS works with an unique authentication software: VACMAN. This platform is compatible with the current Windows applications.
  • DIGIPASS and VACMAN can thus be integrated very quickly into your working environment.
  • And there is no need to install software on client PCs.
  • Administrative cost is kept to the minimum.
  • And ensures you the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

eID Applications

Reach several target groups with just 1 application

  • Use eID to offer online services to your inhabitants and avoid long queues.
  • Give your customers the opportunity with eID and DIGIPASS to make payments or sign contracts online.
  • Goodbye to paperwork! Contracts with your partners, payments to your suppliers... With eID and DIGIPASS technology you immediately simplify your administration.
  • Teleworking, exchanging confidential information between employees: eID and DIGIPASS technology secure your information and applications at all times.

Discover what eID can do for you!

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