Unconnected Readers

Portable eID reader allows full authentication

An unconnected or wireless eID reader enables you to read the non visible data stored on the chip of the identity card. The reader is extremely portable thanks to its light weight and small size. This type of DIGIPASS reader is particularly suitable for a quick identity check on the spot.

Authentication with one-time dynamic passwords

Unconnected DIGIPASS readers allow you to generate one-time dynamic passwords with which you can secure access to your network, applications and mail traffic. This allows you to provide select user groups, e.g. customers, citizens and employees, access to certain applications.

Protecting your privacy online

Your customers, citizens or employees log into your applications with their DIGIPASS password. This is verified by the authentication software. If the data match, access to the applications is granted.

A user should hence no longer register online with his own personal data. DIGIPASS thus guarantees the anonymity online while at the same time you are certain about the identity of the user. The privacy of your users is protected as private information is not registered on the Internet or network platform.

Promote your company, institution or city!

If you would like to promote your brand or company, you can customize VASCO's DIGIPASS with your logo or slogan!

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