Connected DIGIPASS eID Readers

This type of DIGIPASS card reader can be connected to the computer via USB. Connected DIGIPASS card readers allow you to use the authentication and signature certificates stored on your electronic identity card.

VASCO has sold millions of DIGIPASS e-signatures devices. With VASCO DIGIPASS you can be assured to get a specialized technology in house.

There are two types of connected card readers: transparent readers and readers with a secure PIN pad.

Transparent eID reader

A transparent card reader is a reader without display or keyboard. With the transparent eID reader, such as DIGIPASS 905, the information stored on the chip of the identity card can be read. You can also use the authentication certificates and digital signatures. This DIGIPASS can not be used in a standalone mode.

Reader with a secure PIN pad

Readers with a secure PIN pad, such as DIGIPASS 870, are secured with a PIN code. Only the owner of the eID is able to use the different eID applications when entering his PIN.

This type of reader can be connected to the reader or used in standalone mode. When DIGIPASS 870 is not connected, you will be able to read the public data on your eID. The device also generates one-time dynamic passwords enabling you to use the DIGIPASS to secure your network, applications and mail.

Connecting the reader to your PC enables you to link the eID data directly to your applications and use the authentication and signature certificates.

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