How to Install your DIGIPASS for eID

Install your DIGIPASS 855, 865, 920 Reader

  1. Download the DIGIPASS CCID Filter for eID Middleware for Windows your eID Pin pad card reader.(Only necessary with DIGIPASS 855, 865, 870, 920)
  2. Download the eID software from Fedict
    This is an application enabling you to read, validate and print the content stored on your electronic identity card.
  3. Connect your card reader to the computer via the USB port.
  4. Your DIGIPASS eID card reader is now ready for use!

Thank you for your interest in VASCO’s eID-compatible card readers. We have changed our name to OneSpan.

We are committed to being the one partner that you can turn to for all your authentication, mobile app security, fraud analysis and e-signature needs.

We discontinued the direct-to-consumer sale of VASCO card reader authenticators on May 30, 2018 but will continue to support the eID-compatible card readers previously sold on this site through the life of their warranties.

If you are still interested in purchasing an eID-compatible card reader, please contact one of the following vendors:

If you have further questions, please contact us or visit

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