Support FAQ

Basic FAQs

Do I need to install software/drivers on my Windows XP?

You need to install the software for the DIGIPASS 905 from the following link

Do I need to install software/drivers on my Windows Vista/Windows 7?

No, the DIGIPASS 905 uses Plug & Play. After connecting it to the computer, everything should work correctly.

Can I install my DIGIPASS 905 on Mac OS?

Yes, this is certainly possible from version 10.4.

Do I need to have administrative rights to install my DIGIPASS 905?

Yes, this is necessary.

How can I check if my cardreader is working correctly ?

The link provides you a full evaluation of what is installed on your PC concerning the DIGIPASS.

My DIGIPASS 905 gives a green light, but I am still unable to read my card.

Please check the following website: After completing the tests, you’ll be able to see if the DIGIPASS works correctly.

How do I contact support ?

Please go to the following: Contact Support

Thank you for your interest in VASCO’s eID-compatible card readers. We have changed our name to OneSpan.

We are committed to being the one partner that you can turn to for all your authentication, mobile app security, fraud analysis and e-signature needs.

We discontinued the direct-to-consumer sale of VASCO card reader authenticators on May 30, 2018 but will continue to support the eID-compatible card readers previously sold on this site through the life of their warranties.

If you are still interested in purchasing an eID-compatible card reader, please contact one of the following vendors:

If you have further questions, please contact us or visit

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