How to install the DIGIPASS 905 on Ubuntu?

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April 26, 2010


How to install the DIGIPASS 905 on Ubuntu?


First check if the DIGIPASS 905 is recognized by the system. This can be doen by enterign the command "lsusb". Int he list a device with ID 1a44:0001 should be present.

Install the following modules:

   1. pcscd (install: typ in terminal: "sudo apt-get install pcscd") 
   (1a. Verify that libccid is installed. If not enter the following command "sudo apt-get install libccid")
   2. opensc-tool (install: typ in terminal: "sudo apt-get install opensc")
   3. openct-tool (install: typ in terminal: "sudo apt-get install openct")

The following actions are only necessary when using pre- 9.10-versions:

Adjust the "/etc/libccid_Info.plist" and add the following information:

  • VendorID (1a44)

  • ProductID (0001) 

  • Description (e.g. "VASCO DP905").

Stop the pcscd daemon:
   1. Enter "ps -A" and check which Process ID the pcscd has.
   2. Enter "sudo kill "

Start the pcscd daemon (as superuser: "sudo pcscd") It's possible to add the paramter "-f" to let everything happen in foreground mode.

Open a terminal window to check if everything works correctly:

     - "sudo opensc-tool -a" 
        This shows the ATR of the card.

    - "sudo opensc-tool -s 00:A4:04:00:07:A0:00:00:00:04:80:02:00" 
       This shows the MasterCard.

PS: The EID software can be installed via "Add Software" in Ubuntu.

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