DIGIPASS eID For Cities & Municipalities

eID for municipalities

Online government services require a high level of trust and assurance to protect sensitive data and user identities. Establishing a trusted digital identity is therefore essential.

Public services and its applications have become more and more accessible through the use of an eID card in combination with connected and unconnected card readers.

VASCO now offers (local) governments the possibility to move eID to mobile with MYDIGIPASS TDI. Local governments can increase accessibility of their public services offering while at the same time improving user convenience and flexibility. With mobile eID, citizens will be able to access online and mobile government services in a secure manner at any time of day, using just their mobile devices, with no need to carry an additional eID card reader.

eID simplifies and reduces paperwork

Thanks to eID your citizens can acquire digital documents at any time. eID enables a fast identity check and automatically filled in forms ensure a smooth administration process in your city or municipality. And flexible working arrangements are no longer an utopy. Using our connected card readers, you will be able to secure access to your website, intranet and mailbox from any PC with your eID.

Turn your eID into a mobile ID

Mobile technology is ubiquitous in our day-to-day activities. Using the mobile platform will greatly increase the accessibility of your public services offering. By turning eID into a mobile ID, citizens will be able to access online and mobile government services in a secure manner 24/7 without the need to carry an extra authenticator.

Implementing a mobile trusted identity platform can be very straightforward and simple. VASCO’s MYDIGIPASS TDI, certified by Fedict, secures your government applications while delivering a single and secure login experience for citizens.

Identity check without address information?

Address information is no longer visible on your electronic identity card. Equip your local police force with unconnected DIGIPASS eID readers to perform quick and on the spot identity checks and alcohol tests. No more phone calls to dispatching, no endless discussions with drunk drivers... Check out our unconnected eID solutions

Time saving, greater flexibility and better service

  • no more queues
  • your citizens are no longer dependent on opening hours
  • quick and automatic procession of data
  • simplifies your administration
  • reduces paperwork
  • saves time
  • greater flexibility
  • accurate identity data
  • saves money: no telephonic consults, separate membership cards, paper documents sent by post
  • environment friendly
  • information is always and everywhere accessible

Login unconnected with eID on your smartphone or tablet

Register your unconnected card reader step by step


  • Enhanced security
  • Enhanced user convenience and reduced friction for users
  • 24/7 access to public services
  • More efficient; no need to present in person to assert identity
  • Expand services and applications securely via a single sign-on experience

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