DIGIPASS eID For Healthcare

eID for Healthcare

Simplify your patient administration

eID allows you to link identity data directly to your database by connecting the eID card reader or DIGIPASS to your computer. Inadequacies are long foregone!

eID not only simplifies the registration, but also the invoicing. Moreover, with eID you allow a group of people access to personal files of patients. Several departments are able to quickly consult patient files simultaneously and in a protected manner.

Consult your electronic file and request documents online

Members of the health insurance funds can already consult their electronic file online with eID. They can consult reimbursements and allowances and benefits without going to the local office.

Thanks to eID you also order online documentation, testimonials or equipment and have patient funds stickers sent to your customers. eID simplifies the invoicing of additional aid or aquipment bought in home care shops.

Limit the access to protected areas

eID allows you to check the access to protected areas with only a limited investment in infrastructure. Access to certain locations can be restricted to authorized staff.

Integration with SIS card: science fiction?

In the long term, eID will become incorporated in the SIS card. All data of the SIS card might be integrated on the electronic identity card. eID already allows you to read some of the medical characteristics. In the future such vital data like blood type and life-threatening allergies can be added. Prepare yourself now and equip yourself with eID DIGIPASS card readers.

Time saving, administrative simplification and secured data

  • time saving
  • fast and automatic processing of patient data
  • accurate identity information
  • information can be consulted everywhere in a secure way
  • administrative simplification
  • money-saving
  • protected access
  • limited investment in infrastructure
  • prepare for the integration with SIS card

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