DIGIPASS eID For Education

eID for Education

Simplify your enrollment procedures

With eID, registration of your students becomes very simple. By connecting the DIGIPASS to your PC, data are automatically read and saved in your database. Your information is always accurate and up to date.

eID is also available for youngsters under twelve. Moreover, the "kids-ID" contains some vital information such as identity details of the parents and a contact number in case of emergency.

eID as a means of payment

Extra curricular care, study visits, field trips, snacks... eID simplifies your administration and invoicing. No more fiddling with money boxes, no problems if students forget to bring their money! Your students use their eID to pay and all data are stored in your database. This allows you to draft a monthly (electronic) invoice and saves you a lot of administrative worries.

Information highway at school and at home

Education also chooses resolutely for the newest information technologies. Why then not for eID? Thanks to eID you provide information in a secured manner that is accessible from any PC. Personal files, announcements, extra material, exercise modules: all information stored on your network or intranet is accessible from home. And you determine who gets access to which data!
eID also allows you to download software for your school or university.

eID is also able to replace membership cards of your school library. Connect the DIGIPASS eID card reader to your computer and you use eID to read registration and lending data. No more frustration about inaccurate, outdated information or lost membership cards!

Environment friendly, time saving and simple

  • saves time
  • greater flexibility
  • accurate identity data
  • saves money
  • simplifies your administration
  • environment friendly
  • limited investment in infrastructure
  • information is always and everywhere accessible

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