DIGIPASS eID For Companies

eID for Companies

Online registration, reservation or signing contracts

Copying personal details and identity cards, signing copies in threefold... Does it sound familiar? eID ends all the administrative fuss. Thanks to the authentication certificates, identity details are verified online.

And your customers can rent a car, book a trip or sign a contract for your newest product, online. And what about that signature? eID allows you to sign your documents online. This e-signature has the same legal value as a signature by hand.

Moreover, signatures can no longer be counterfeited. A signed document that is altered afterwards, will no longer have a valid signature

Your pay check, invoice or insurance papers on the internet?

eID allows you to send you confidential information over the internet in a secured way. Employee's pay slips, invoices for your customers... thanks to eID you distribute them with one single click. Your documents reach your destination immediately. Furthermore, you save on postage stamps, printing costs and paper!

Accurate data and quick information updates

With eID you always have the correct identity details at hand. By connecting the eID card reader to your PC, you no longer need to type details into your database. Identity details are read from the chip and are directly linked to your database. Registrations become easy as a breeze. Updating information is no longer a quest for inaccurate data. Just put your eID into the card reader or DIGIPASS and information is adjusted with a click.

Teleworking, time registration or payment method? eID can do it all.

eID makes teleworking possible: with the authentication certificates your employees logon to the central network from any PC. In a secured way! eID can also replace your current time registration system or prevent acces to secured areas for unauthorized staff.

Save time and money and provide better services

  • saves time
  • greater flexibility
  • accurate identity data
  • saves money
  • simplifies your administration
  • environment friendly
  • faster and better service
  • easy to integrate with your current applications
  • limited investment in infrastructure
  • multifunctional
  • secures your confidential information

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